Cook II - Hospital

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Cook II - Hospital (Oakdale) - Full Time

Location: Oakdale, CA

Job Description

Prepares and serves meals for patients/residents, employees and guests, as determined by the day’s menu, special event schedule and job schedule.  Maintains a clean and safe environment in the kitchen; cleans pots, pans and equipment. 

  1. Prepares and serves food for residents, staff and special functions following menu and prepares as listed.  If situation warrants, consistently makes correct menu substitutes and reports substitutions to Nutrition & Food Services Managers.
  1. Follows standardized quantity recipes.  Demonstrates ability to make independent decisions for modified meal and preparation method.  Produces a quality product, utilizing creativity and knowledge in producing food items that are aesthetically and taste appealing.
  1. Meets production schedule with items ready on time and trays leaving the food services on time for delivery to the resident, staff or special function.
  1. Follows standards for portion control; consistently minimizes food waste.
  1. Properly operates equipment.
  1. Maintains a clean and organized work area.  Maintains safety and sanitation standards following department infection control policies during cleaning procedures.  Infection control surveillance and reports reflect compliance with standards.
  1. Follows proper food handling techniques in preparation, service and storage of food; properly stores clean items used in food preparation and service of food.
  1. Assures food safety guidelines are followed for receiving, storage, preparation and service of foods.
  1. Provides supervision and leadership for food service aides and in absence of the Manager adjusts employee schedules in accordance with department needs.
  1. Prepares meat and produce order in absence of supervisor.
  1. Prepares and serves therapeutic diet foods.  Demonstrates knowledge of regular and special diets and the restrictions, consistently preparing and serving appropriate amounts and portions of food for special diets.
  1. Presents a neat and clean appearance, adhering to standards of dress for the department, including but not limited to the following:
  1. Uniform:  clean, neat and well maintained.
  2. Shoes:  clean and polished and in good repair.
  3. Hair:  neatly combed and properly restrained under hairnet or similar restraint.
  4. Fingernails:  trimmed short, without polish.
  5. Jewelry: none, except wedding rings and/or watch.
  1. Supervises food preparation and plans cooking schedule.  Assures that standard recipes are followed and that portion control standards are followed.  Consistently adjusts food amounts to meet production needs; audits, making sure that recipes are followed and food is prepared with minimum waste.  Consistently evaluates cooking schedule and post food preparation.
  1. Supervises staff cleaning procedures and establishes cleaning schedule and procedures that use staff effectively.  Assures that schedules are communicated and maintained.
  1. Assures quality of food preparation by department and that food safety guidelines are followed during production.  Observes food being prepared; samples food to determine that the food is aesthetically pleasing, taste appealing, and maintained at appropriate temperature.  Takes corrective action if food preparation and service do not meet department standards.  Follows established policies and procedures for food handling required by regulatory agencies and Care Center.  Follows established procedures for safe food storage.

Job Requirements

Minimum Education:
High school graduate or equivalent required.

Minimum Experience/Skills:
Experience in food production in a health care facility
Knowledge of basic principles of quantity food production; service & sanitation are preferred
Use and care of food services equipment, safety and sanitation preferred
Ability to read, write and speak English
Ability to follow written and oral instructions