Restorative Nursing Assistant

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Restorative Nursing Assistant (Oakdale) - Full Time

Location: Oakdale, CA

Job Description

Performs various patient/resident care activities and related non-professional services necessary in caring for the personal needs and comfort of patients/residents; assists in maintenance of a safe, clean environment for patients/residents.
Serves as a resource for management in decision making process and as a preceptor for new nurse assistants.  Assist each patient/resident to achieve and maintain the highest level of self-care and independence possible.  Assists physical therapist.  May be assigned to work in any department.

  1. Performs routine treatment procedures included but not limited to:
  • Performs general strengthening exercises and administers restorative ambulation/transfer/ADL training.
  • Ensures the placement of restorative devices/equipment (i.e., splints, positioning devices).
  • Coordinates restorative treatments with other facility departments.
  • Follows policies and procedures for Restorative Nursing Program.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
  • Effectively transition residents through Restorative Nurse Assistant (RNA) process with appropriate C.N.A. training.
  • Heights/weights are done timely on new admits, monthly, and as ordered by Physician’s per protocol.
  • Maintain daily routine of 20 therapies per day.
  • Conducts afternoon exercise program.
  1. Serves as a resource to staff.
  • Follows OVCC protocol for appropriate use of restraint’s, alarms, side-rails, etc.; participates in Restraint Reduction Program.
  • Assesses residents to confirm least restrictive device is in use and make recommendations as needed.
  • Orients new employees and performs one-on-one C.N.A. training as needed.
  • Provides constructive feedback to C.N.A’s when observing potentially unsafe practices.
  1. Chart Documentation:
  • Documents daily and weekly on each resident in the Restorative Nursing Program.
  • Reports and charts on significant changes in resident’s condition, evidence of pain or motivational level.
  • Maintains consistent resident care schedule and is efficient in use of time.
  • Care plans are pertinent to resident’s needs, reviewed by Registered Nurse Certified (RNC) and shared with licensed staff.
  1. Minimum Data Set (MDS) Documentation:
  • MDS data collected and inputted by required timeframe.
  • MDS documentation is accurate.
  • Exhibits a working knowledge of MDS terminology, which reflects accurate data collection of residents’ functional status.
  • Reports correct therapy minutes.
  1. Referrals/Reports pertinent information:
  • Notifies RNC or appropriate therapy discipline of problems, referrals and reassessment needs.
  • Identifies potential problems/issues and reports to RNC in a timely manner.
  • Attends Fall IDT/Care Conferences/Rehab/weight variance meetings as needed and provides pertinent information.
  • Referrals to therapists are timely.
  1. Dining Program
  • Reviews and assigns seating for participation in residents’ dining program.
  • Evaluates residents for Restorative Dining Program (RDP) potential.
  • Meets RDP goal for four (4) residents.
  • Communicates to nursing staff specific information regarding residents dining needs upon cessation of resident in RNA dining program.
  1. Supplies:
  • Ensures adequate restorative supplies to meet the needs of the restorative residents.
  • Monitors equipment, supplies and communicates needs to RNC/Maintenance Department/Therapy Department.
  • Make sound recommendations regarding resident/equipment needs prior to equipment order.


Job Requirements

Minimum Education:
            Attended, or is attending, inservice classes with the emphasis on the rehabilitation care of patients/residents.
High school graduate or equivalent required.
Minimum Experience/Skills:
Experience as a nursing assistant or the equivalent
Able to perform basic mathematical calculations
Good verbal and writing skills
Current BLS certification