Licensed Clinical Social Worker - LCSW

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Licensed Clinical Social Worker - LCSW (Oakdale) - Full Time

Location: Oakdale, CA

Job Description

  1. Verbalizes and/or demonstrates knowledge of clinical information and practices essential to assuring provision of cultural and age-specific care to pediatric (1 to 12 years), adolescents (13 to 17 years), adults (18 to 70 years), and geriatrics (70+ years).
  1. Maintains professional discretionary standards within the hospital and community
  1. Provides services to meet the psychosocial, spiritual, emotional and behavioral needs of patient’s.
  • Establishes positive and supportive relationships with patients and families.
  • Visits and counsels patient’s to help meet needs regarding psychosocial well being, spirituality, mood and behavior.
  • Participates in arrangements/referrals to meet patient’s psychosocial, mood spiritual, behavior needs.
  • Assists in meeting the concrete needs of patient’s.
  • Provides awareness and utilization of available community resources. 
  1. Accountable for conducting clinical assessments.
  • Case finds and/or responds to referrals within the specified time frame of the assigned work area.
  • Meets with client and/or appropriate collateral’s to initiate the assessment process. 
  • Attends appropriate multidisciplinary team meetings. 
  • Formulates psychosocial assessment and plan. 
  • Communicates verbally and/or in writing the psychosocial assessment and plant with physicians, staff and/or other pertinent individuals. 
  • Documents psychosocial assessment according to Social Service Department Standards.
  1. Accountable for providing clinical intervention.  Provides clinical intervention sensitive to the client(s) psychosocial, spiritual, and cultural needs.
  • Advocates for patient/family rights to informed consent, to exercise self-determination, to accept or refuse medical treatment.
  • Prioritizes case referrals and initiates timely intervention.
  • Provides clinical intervention as appropriate: crisis intervention, problem solving, supportive counseling, grief counseling, patient education, group counseling.
  • Coordinates and/or facilitates case conferences as appropriate to clinical intervention.  Obtains outside consultation when clinically indicated.
  • Make referrals to community agencies as appropriate.  Documents relevant psychosocial information and social work intervention in the patient’s medical record.
  1. Assesses and documents Oak Valley Hospital processes.
  • Completes all required Social Service assessments and documentation within required time frames.
  • Documents and assesses thoroughly, accurately, inform and meet JCAHO requirements.
  • Assures documentation/assessments reflect changing needs/status of patient’s and promote functioning at highest level possible.
  1. Participates in family and patient’s education to provide information, resources and systems information as needed.
  • Participation in education of staff for meeting needs and managing concerns of patient’s on an ongoing basis.
  • Present Inservices to meet regulations and the changing needs of the facility, patient’s and their families.
  • Educate and inform patients and families regarding facility systems, available resources, Advance Directive and other pertinent issues.
  1. Will Advocate and roll model for Patient Rights.
  • Educates patients, families and staff about Patients Rights, Advance Directives, Palliative Care, and End of Life Care.
  • Assesses for child abuse, elder/dependent adult abuse, substance use/abuse, and domestic potential need for conservatorial, and/or public guardianship.
  • Participates in Elder/Child Abuse investigation, prevention and education.
  • Participates in patient/family grievance process and promotion of patient/family satisfaction.
  • Incorporation of Ombudsman as appropriate and needed.
  1. Accountable for demonstrating leadership skills.  Plans and conducts staff and community in-services.  Participates in program development designed to meet the needs of patients, families, and staff.  Provides consultation to OVHD staff.
  1. Accountable for and promotes community liaison activities.  Maintains familiarity with community resources.  Maintains effective communication and positive working relationships with collaborative agencies.  Represents OVHD in community meetings and activities as appropriate to the Clinical Social Worker role.
  1. Demonstrates a strong sense of customer service through communicating with tact, diplomacy, and sensitivity in all interactions with clients.
  1. Triages patients via the high risk screening criteria, including, but not limited to Crisis Intervention, Abuse and Neglect screening, Drug-exposed Newborns, Major Adjustment Issues, and Financial/Legal Issues.
  1. Acts as a liaison and advocate for patients and family.
  1. Assesses the patient’s social, emotional, functional, and financial needs (as relevant), and provides brief psychosocial counseling, supportive services and crisis intervention to assist patients and family to cope with changes related to hospitalization and/or medical condition.
  1. Assists Case Managers upon request, in providing discharge planning to patients with complex psychosocial issues.
  1. Accountable for functioning at a professional level. Performs job duties within reasonable time.  Demonstrates self-motivation, resourcefulness, and flexibility as patient and hospital staffing needs change.  Uses good judgment.  Adapts to changing conditions and/or new procedures.  Promotes appropriate use of clinical social work services in the hospital.
  1. Supports OVHD’s goals and promotes a positive work environment.

Job Requirements

Minimum Education:
Master’s degree of Social Work required, LCSW required
Minimum Experience/Skills:
Minimum of one (1) year post-graduate experience in a Clinical setting (Health Care Facility).
Knowledgeable of Health Care System’s:

  • Levels of care (acute through Residential and Home care).
  • Interrelationship of Health Care Providers (Hospitals, Physicians, Sub-Acute Facilities, etc.).
  • Community health and Social Support Resources.
  • Regulatory Agencies and Policies.
  • Knowledgeable of an ability to apply Clinical Social Work skills within an Acute Care Facility.
  • Awareness of current concepts of health care and community resources.
Licensed Clinical Social Worker (preferred)Current BLS Certification