LVN - Oakdale Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

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LVN - Oakdale Nursing & Rehabilitation Center (Oakdale) - Per Diem

Location: Oakdale, CA

Job Description

  1. Collects data and determines measurable, realistic, attainable diagnosis and expected outcomes with a time estimate for attainment; verifying patient/resident information for accuracy and taking corrective action when necessary.  Completes sections of the Minimum Data Set (MDS) as assigned.
  1. Observes patient/resident minimally, per department standards or as condition warrants, and maintains awareness of patient/residents and significant others’ psychological needs as well as the patient/residents physical needs and promotes care of the total person.
  1. Provides Plan of Care by developing an effective, comprehensive and individualized plan of care for assigned patients/residents, deriving nursing diagnosis from assessment data and expected outcomes and medical treatment plan. Consistently documents specified nursing orders, develops short and long-term expected outcomes following intervention.  To the extent possible, develops this plan with the patient/resident, significant others’ and health care providers.
  1. Documents nursing interventions, receiving reports from off-going nurses and when requested, provides Physician with summary of assigned patient/residents current status, verifying information with Physician and/or RN when in question. 
  1. Communicates patient/resident responses and collaborates with RN in providing patient/resident and significant others’ with a complete explanation of procedures of treatments to be performed in order to reduce patient/resident anxiety and promote cooperation and compliance. 
  1. Accurately and completely transcribes all Physician orders and documents nursing intervention on the patient/residents medical records according to established procedures per department protocol, to reflect patient/resident status and condition.  Observes, records, and reports legibly and accurately any legal/medical documents and/or significant deviations to the Physician; completing the correct forms required in the day-to-day operation of the department.
  1. Demonstrates clinical competence when assisting Physician’s with diagnostic test and special procedures.  Reviews Physician orders and implements within a reasonable time frame.  Implements nursing interventions consistent with plan of care and carries out treatment plan as prescribed by Physician, complying with the five (5) rights of medication administration.  When in question notifies Physician and/or RN to prevent misunderstandings or miscommunication. 
  1. Makes effective decisions during emergency situations and evaluates the results of actions taken.
  1. Maintains professional standing, demonstrating a knowledge of the legal aspects and liabilities of nursing practice and consistently combines ethical judgement with technical skill within the policy and legal guidelines of the hospital.  Annually completes continuing education classes updating competency levels on topics required by department. 


Job Requirements

Minimum Education:
Graduate of an accredited LVN School of Nursing
High school graduate or equivalent required.
Minimum Experience/Skills:
Three (3) years’ experience preferred
Excellent communication skills (written and verbal)
Excellent interpersonal skills
Able to perform basic mathematical calculations
Current California LVN license
IV Therapy Certification required
Current BLS certification
Physical Demands:
Prolonged, extensive or considerable standing/walking
Lifts, positions, pushes up to 50 pounds
Considerable reaching, stooping, bending, kneeling, crouching
Manual dexterity and mobility
Ability to move quickly
Frequent reach, twist, push and pull
Heavy lifting (50 lbs. and over) 50% of the time
Moderate lifting (25-49 lbs.) 25% of the time
Light lifting (under 25 lbs.) 25% of the time                                                          
Must be able to move heavy patients up to 350 lbs. at times in bed and transfer from bed to gurney or wheelchair with assistance of other staff or a mechanical lifting device
Heavy carrying (50 lbs. and over) 25% of the time
Moderate carrying (25-49 lbs.) 35% of the time
Light carrying (under 25 lbs.) 45% of the time
Must assist with ambulation orthostatic vital signs
Vision Requirements:
Ability to adjust vision sufficiently to perform duties
Working Conditions:
Regularly exposed to the risk of contagious and blood borne diseases  
Exposure to unpleasant elements (accidents, injuries, illness)
Subject to irregular hours
Increased stress due to multiple calls and inquiries
Able to work in spite of frequent interruptions
High exposure to communicable diseases and blood borne pathogens, rare exposure to toxic substances such as
radiation, nuclear isotopes, chemotherapeutic agent