Health Centers Manager

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Health Centers Manager (Oakdale) - Full Time

Location: Oakdale, CA

Job Description

The Clinics Manager is responsible for planning, organizing, directing, coordinating and evaluating the activities of the Hospital District’s Clinics to maintain high quality patient care.  The manager is responsible for the Departmental Goals for Patients (Department Service, Patient Satisfaction, and Quality Improvement); People (Employee Development, Training, Recognition, Satisfaction and Retention & Recruitment); Future (Budget, Cost Management, Revenue, New Service Development) and Community (Participation).  This position participates in Operational and Strategic Planning as part of the management team.  The manager assures that the department meets all regulatory requirements related to service area for DHS, the Joint Commission and other as appropriate.  Working collaboratively with other managers to meet goals and solve problems is a requirement of this position.  Assumes 24-hour responsibility for the department.

  1. Ensures clinic flow is established by serving as a liaison between provider needs, patients, and clinical resources. 
  2. Provides leadership and manages support staff for medical clinics.
  3. Works with clinic employees to ensure that each employee understands their job description, the desired results associated with their work, and the resources available to achieve the results.
  4. Interviews and makes decisions for hiring employees for open positions with guidance from the VP of Administrative Services.
  5. Trains and develops medical clinic staff with ongoing direction to ensure they are capable of performing their duties.
  6. Plans, assigns, and directs work; appraises performance; rewards and disciplines employees; addresses complaints and resolves problems with the guidance of the VP of Administrative Services. 
  7. Ensures at all times the department consistently operates in a high quality manner.
  8. Tracks timesheets on Kronos, provider incentive plans, scheduling and coordinating of staff for all leaves to include but not limited to; PTO requests and FMLA, in accordance with policies and procedures.
  9. Leads staff meetings, clinic provider meetings, and creates and leads meetings as necessary for clinic improvement activities.
  10. Supervises, as required, the staff in the conduct of clinical care.
  11. Provides consistent communication to the VP of Administrative Services, ensuring that information, reports, and materials are provided, to clearly describe clinic activities and progress toward agreed upon objectives.
  12. Collaborate with providers, staff, and Information Technology Department to monitor meaningful use criteria.  Adjust workflow as necessary to assure computerized charting is utilized to its fullest capacity.
  1. Assist with implementation of OSHA, emergency preparedness, infection control and regulatory compliance for the clinics.
  2. Oversees medical supply inventory.
  3. Attends all staff or other special meetings as requested.
  4. Participates in budget development as it pertains to the health clinics.
  5. Maintain annual licensing updates and program audits, such as the CLIA licenses, CHDP, CPSP, and other governmental programs.
  6. Modify workflow and schedules as necessary to meet the needs of all patients. 
  1. Oversees quality indicators for provided evaluation, treatment and consultation services to the patients of the clinics.
  2. Collaborates with VP of Administrative Services and the Clinic Medical Directors to establish policies and procedures for clinic operations.
  3. Collaborates with VP of Administrative Services, Clinic Medical Directors, and the Vice President of Quality to establish quality indicators and to work on quality improvement projects.
  4. Assist with the annual evaluation of all clinics per Oak Valley Community Health Center Annual Evaluation policy.
  5. Available to staff at all times to respond to emergencies and answer questions.
  6. Understands the patient legal medical record.  Ensures accurate completion of; appropriate chief complaint, past medical, family and social history, review of systems, examinations, medications and allergies, and assessment and plan for each patient.
  7. Provides oversight and guidance on the processes for medical orders for prescription refills, administration of medications, ancillary testing, and/or referrals.
  8. Available to patients, through staff to answer questions and relay information regarding their care.
  9. Works with staff to ensure appropriate paperwork to comply with insurance and reimbursement guidelines.
  10. Ensures compliance with standards, laws and regulations as directed by regulatory and accrediting organizations such as but not limited to: The Joint Commission, CLIA, OSHA, State and Federal Governments as it pertains to the medical clinic.
  11. Performs other appropriate duties as requested by the VP of Administrative Services.
  12. Maintains patient confidentiality at all times.


Job Requirements

Position Qualifications:
Minimum Education:
Graduate from an accredited school of nursing required.
Minimum Experience/Skills:
Minimum of one (1) year of management experience.
Three (3) to five (5) years’ experience in a health care environment required.
Experience in Public Health preferred.
Previous nursing experience required.
Must have an understanding of ethics and confidentiality.
Previous computer experience required.
Current California Registered Nurse Licensure preferred.
Current AHA BLS.
Performance Requirements:
Courteous, honest and professional at all times.
Able to communicate and relate well with physicians, clinic staff, and patients.
Able to provide innovative input into the development of the office and its processes.
Efficient, organized and accurate.