Patient Navigator - Oakdale Clinic

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Patient Navigator - Oakdale Clinic (Oakdale) - Full Time

Location: Oakdale, CA

Job Description

The Patient Navigator (PN) is primarily charged with making process improvements to reduce the unnecessary ER (Emergency Room) use by patients, as well as other duties that assist patients in getting culturally and linguistically appropriate health services.
Moves the patient through the complexities of the health care system, assisting with more timely treatment.  The PN serves as a reliable ally for patients to lean on for advice, support, and direction.  The PN needs to identify and remove barriers to effective care by coordinating services thus increasing the patient’s chances for a healthy, quality life by :

  • Identifying and scheduling appointments with culturally competent caregivers; Arranging for needed language translation or interpretation services;
  • Assisting in coordination of transportation to and child/elder care during scheduled diagnosis and treatment appointments;
  • Helping patients and their families access support systems;
  • Helping patients understand treatment options, diagnoses, and preventive behaviors;
  • Providing emotional support and related information; and
  • Facilitating access to available financial support and assisting with related paperwork.
Will review daily ER discharge reports and other utilization reports to identify those patients who used the ER for a medical need that could have been provided at the health center. 
Communicates with patients and their providers to better understand the nature of the ER use and how it can be avoided in the future as well as establishing better communication protocols with area hospitals to receive real time data on our patients that come to their ER departments. 
Sets up methods to receive daily discharge summary reports.
Maintains current telephone, contact information and fax numbers for all ER departments.
Reviews daily discharge reports and triages to the patient’s primary care provider. 
Performs check-in calls to patients and inquires about their health and well-being.  Schedules follow up appointments if necessary.
Reviews utilization reports. 


Job Requirements

Minimum Education:
High school graduate or equivalent required.
Minimum Experience/Skills:
Able to perform basic mathematical calculations
Bilingual (English/Spanish) preferred
Must demonstrate effective communication with and recognition of the cultural sensitivities and health literacy level of the community, and knowledge of the community and health care system.  Ability to understand underlying community challenges, barriers and strengths.  Barriers cited by some communities include financial challenges (especially for the uninsured and underinsured); communication and information problems including language barriers; complications within the health care system; travel and distance challenges that can lead to a missed doctor appointment; and emotional barriers where fears lead to cancellation or delay of medical services.
Physical Demands:
Lifts, positions, pushes up to 50 pounds
Considerable sitting, reaching, stooping, bending, kneeling, crouching
Touch, auditory and visual perception and acuity
Adequate vocal pitch and volume of voice
Manual dexterity and mobility
Ability to move quickly
Vision Requirements:
Ability to adjust vision sufficiently to perform duties
Working Conditions:
Subject to varying and unpredictable situations
Subject to irregular hours
Increased stress due to multiple calls and inquiries