Enviromental Services Manager

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Enviromental Services Manager (Oakdale) - Full Time

Location: Oakdale, CA

Job Description

The Environmental Services Manager is responsible for the overall management of OVHD’s Housekeeping, Laundry/Linen, Hazardous Waste Disposal and Security.  Plans, organizes and supervises all activities of these departments according to Oak Valley Hospital District (OVHD) policies, standard practices of the profession and state and federal laws.  The Manager is given general guidance and direction by the Administrator and is expected to function with initiative and independent judgment.

  1. Prepares and monitors operational budget and capital budget annually.  Provides written guidelines for staff to use in implementing the budget; monitoring monthly to validate budget compliance.
  1. Develops goals and objectives annually that are compatible with the intent of the Mission and Strategic Plan.  Assures goals and objectives are met, revised and continued as appropriate.
  1. Meets regulatory standards with knowledge and competency related to the position.
  1. Establishes and maintains a record-keeping and report system.  Provides in-services and training appropriate for staff needs and monitors compliance.
  1. Develops and manages staff.  Interviews and selects qualified staff, utilizing EOC principles.  Evaluates competencies and assures productivity standards are met.  Maintains a binder with minutes and attendance for a minimum of 10 staff meetings per year, with tracking of problem identification and resolution.  Performs staff evaluations according to OVHD policies and guidelines.
  1. Maintains age specific precautions for pediatric through elderly patients in the performance of work.  Demonstrates knowledge of neonate (birth to 28 days), infant (28 days to one year), pediatric (1 to 12 years), adolescent (13 to 17 years), adult (18 to 70 years), and geriatric (71+ years), age-specific differences when communicating with patients and family, as evidenced by age-appropriate language, inflection and volume.
The following are unit-specific accountabilities
  1. Inspects and evaluates physical condition of OVHD facilities.
2.   Responsible for maintaining OVHD security system.
  1. Submits recommendations to management for painting, repairs and furnishings.
  1. Ensures compliance with Hazardous Chemical/Waste Management Program.
  1. Maintains Infection Control standards.
  1. Maintains MSDS sheets for Master Binders.
  1. Maintains supplies for laundry/linen department.  Ensures adequate and clean supply of linen; maintains loss and cost controls for linen usage. 
  1. Evaluates cleaning supplies to meet infection control standards/hazardous standards.
  1. Maintains a Quality Check Program to improve Customer and Employee Satisfaction.

Job Requirements

Minimum Education:
Bachelor’s Degree preferred
Courses in Health Care, Security, Environmental Services’ Procedures or Commercial Management, Hazardous Waste Management
Completion of one or more business office skills courses
High school graduate or equivalent required.
Minimum Experience/Skills:
Management experience
Security computer systems
Ability to plan, organize and prioritize daily work routing
Utilizes good communication, telephone, math, reading and body mechanic skills.
Solid decision making flexibility
Ability to follow and understand oral and written instructions
Must be able to organize efforts to efficiently receive, record and store incoming shipments of supplies/equipment
Able to perform basic mathematical calculations
Member of International Executive Housekeepers Association, Inc. (IEHA), or
member American Society for HealthCare Environmental Services (ASHE) for the American Hospital Association
Physical Demands:
Prolonged, extensive or considerable standing/walking
Lifts, positions, pushes up to 50 pounds
Considerable reaching, stooping, bending, kneeling, crouching
Manual dexterity and mobility
Ability to move quickly
Vision Requirements:
Ability to adjust vision sufficiently to perform duties
Working Conditions:
Regularly exposed to the risk of contagious and blood borne diseases
Subject to varying and unpredictable situations
Exposure to unpleasant elements (accidents, injuries, illness)
Emergency and crisis situations
Subject to irregular hours
Increased stress due to multiple calls and inquiries
Occasional exposure to radiation hazards, radioactive substances and biohazard material