Social Services Designee - Care Center

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Social Services Designee - Care Center (Oakdale) - Part Time

Location: Oakdale, CA

Job Description

The Social Service Designee (SSD) is responsible for planning, organizing, directing, coordinating and evaluating the activities of the Social Service Designee Departments to maintain high quality patient care.  The Social Service Designee assures that the department meets all regulatory requirements related to service area for DPH, Joint Commission, and others as appropriate.  Working collaboratively with managers to meet goals and solve problems is a requirement of this position. The goal is to identify and assess the psychosocial needs of the residents, and assist in establishing an integrated plan of care, and communicates that plan with all members of the interdisciplinary team.  The Social Service Designee advocates quality care with a patient centered/problem solving approach in assisting the patient, family or significant others by coordinating between the consumer, the organization’s Administration, Staff and Physician’s.  Refers complaints/grievances to appropriate Department Manager(s) for follow-up and resolution.  Compiles report(s) on trends and participates in action planning.

  1. Meets the psychosocial, spiritual, emotional and behavioral needs of residents.
  • Establish positive and supportive relationships with residents and families.
  • Visit and counsel residents to help meet needs regarding psychosocial well being, spirituality, mood and behavior.
  • Participate in arrangements/referrals to meet resident’s psychosocial, mood, spiritual, behavior needs.
  • Assist in meeting the concrete needs of residents.
  • Program/Systems development and implementation to meet psychosocial, spiritual, emotional and behavioral needs of residents.
  • Provide awareness and utilization of available community resources.
  1. Assesses and documents Care Center processes.
  • Complete all required Social Service assessments and documentation within required time frames.
  • Document and assess thoroughly, accurately, inform and meet Title 22/CMS guidelines.
  • Assure documentation/assessments reflect changing needs/status of residents and promote functioning at highest level possible.
  1. Participates in family and resident education to provide information, resources and systems information as needed.
  • Participation in education of staff for meeting needs and managing concerns of residents on an ongoing basis.
  • Present Inservices to meet regulations and the changing needs of the facility, residents and their families.
  • Educate and inform residents and families regarding facility systems, available resources, Advance Directive and other pertinent issues.
  1. Will Advocate and role model for Resident’s Rights.
  • Educate residents, families and staff about Resident’s Rights.
  • Participation in Elder Abuse investigation, prevention and education.
  • Participation in resident/family grievance process and promotion of resident/family satisfaction.
  • Incorporation of Ombudsman as appropriate and needed.
  • Participates in Theft-Loss process.
  • Provides for Voter registration and absentee ballots as wanted by residents.
  1. Participate in processes for identifying and meeting needs to receive dental, vision, hearing, podiatry and psychiatric services as appropriate.  Pursue and document consent/no consents for ancillary services.
  1. Assists with Care Planning process.
  1. Participates in hospital committees focusing on patient rights
  • Member of Ethics Committee
The following are unit-specific accountabilities
  1. Demonstrates a strong sense of customer service through communicating with tact, diplomacy, and sensitivity in all interactions with clients.
  1. Maintains confidentiality of departmental and patient information.
  1. Actively contributes to the team effort by volunteering to assist co-workers in time of need.
  1. Actively maintains current knowledge of industry changes through multiple resources.
  1. Responds promptly and accurately to all requests, problems and questions.
  1. Complies with departmental and OVHD policies and procedures.
  1. All other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements

Minimum Education:
Minimum of four (4) years’ experience in Social Sciences or a health related profession
Minimum Experience/Skills:
Minimum of three (3) years’ experience in Social Sciences or a health related profession
Special Training/Skills:
Complaint Management                         Data Management
Mediation                                              Interpersonal Communication
Conflict Negotiation                               Crisis Intervention
Physical Demands:
Sit and Stand frequently
Walk and bend frequently
Reach and turn frequently
Lift and carry up to 20 lbs. occasionally
Flexibility in work routine
Able to work with frequent interruptions
Able to sit for long periods of time
Vision Requirements:
Ability to adjust vision sufficiently to perform duties
Working Conditions:
Regularly exposed to the risk of contagious and blood borne diseases
Subject to varying and unpredictable situations
Exposure to unpleasant elements (accidents, injuries, illness)
Emergency and crisis situation.
Subject to irregular hours
Increased stress due to multiple calls and inquiries
Rarely exposure to radiation hazards, radioactive substances and biohazard material   

EOE/Vet/Disability    .