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Paramedic (Oakdale) - Per Diem

Location: Oakdale, CA

Job Description

The Paramedic performs duties within scope of practice under direct supervision of physician or MICN in the field or within the Emergency Room.  Manages the safe and orderly care and/or removal of patients in life threatening situations coordinating as necessary and/or required with police, fire department or others.  Communicates vital information regarding the patient to the emergency department personnel.    The Paramedic working in a supervisory role maintains staff per established guidelines.  Reports to the Chief of Ambulance Services.

  1. Manages the safe and orderly care of patients:
  • Makes effective decisions during emergency situations and evaluates the results of actions taken.
  • Develops an effective, comprehensive and individualized plan of care for patients.
  • Determines outcomes that are measurable, realistic, attainable and have time estimates for attainment.
  • Follows regional protocols and ACLS standards for delivering patient care.
  • Communicates vital information regarding the patient to the emergency department personnel.
  • Maintains a calm, professional attitude and interactions while dealing with rapidly changing situations.
  • Provides crowd control (bystanders or family) when authorities are not present.
  • Coordinates as necessary and/or required with police, fire department, others.
  1. Provides safe and efficient transport for patient:
  • Checks the ambulance, equipment and gasoline at the start of each shift.
  • Anticipates possible hazards in driving and parking of the ambulance.
  • Drives in a manner that minimizes shock, allays fear and avoids aggravation of existing injuries.
  1. Communicates and Documents patient incidents:
  • Obtains a signed and witnessed “Release of Treatment” form when clients refuses treatment or transportation.
  • Obtains all Medicare, Medi-Cal and insurance information if possible.
  • Handles the deceased in accordance with local ordinances and procedures.
  • Maintains “Prehospital Care Report’, documents legibly, accurately and timely.
  • Reports patient/resident care or management problems through proper chain of command.
  1. Maintains environmental responsibilities:
  • Stocks/Maintains Supplies:
  • Follows prescribed procedures for returning or exchanging equipment or supplies after each call.
  • Cleans vehicle at the start of shift and decontaminates it after exposure to communicable disease.
  • Quarters:
  • Maintains staff quarters on a per-shift basis.
  1. Supervisory role:
  • Maintains staff per established guidelines.
  • Participates in management responsibilities.
  • Continuous quality Improvement.
  • Scheduling of maintenance of ambulances.
  • Scheduling of staff.
  • Hospital Committees.
  • Community involvement.

Job Requirements

Minimum Education:
High school graduate or equivalent required
Minimum Experience/Skills:
Able to effectively communicate and follow instructions, written and verbally.
Able to perform basic mathematical calculations
Bilingual (English/Spanish) preferred
Licensed by State of California
Accredited by Mountain Valley EMSA (obtained within 30 days of start date)
California Ambulance Drivers License (Requires current Medical Exam)   
Current American Heart Association BLS certification
Current American Heart Association ACLS certification
Current American Heart Association PALS certification
PHTLS certification (obtained within 12 months of start date)
Physical Demands:
Prolonged, extensive or considerable standing/walking
Lifts, positions, pushes up to 50 pounds
Considerable reaching, stooping, bending, kneeling, crouching
Manual dexterity and mobility
Ability to move quickly
Frequent reach, twist, push and pull
Heavy lifting (50 lbs. and over) 50% of the time
Moderate lifting (25-49 lbs.) 25% of the time
Light lifting (under 25 lbs.) 25% of the time
Must be able to move heavy patients up to 350 lbs. at times in bed and transfer from bed to gurney or wheelchair
Heavy carrying (50 lbs. and over) 25% of the time
Moderate carrying (25-49 lbs.) 35% of the time
Light carrying (under 25 lbs.) 45% of the time
Must assist with ambulation orthostatic vital signs