Certified Nurse Assistant - Day & Night Shifts

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Certified Nurse Assistant - Day & Night Shifts (Oakdale) - Full Time

Location: Oakdale, CA

Job Description

Performs personal care services for patients/residents according to established procedures in providing personal care, comfort and safety.  Follows OVHD protocol for appropriate use of restraints, alarms, side-rails, etc.  Takes steps to correct errors in co-workers delivery of care to patients/residents; uses direct corrective action or communication to ensure patient/resident safety and well being.  Ensures that patients/residents are appropriately dressed and assists as necessary. 

Performs treatment procedures such as application of range of motion, skin care.  Provides for patient/resident activities and comfort according to individual tolerance level (i.e., turning, coughing, deep breathing exercise, etc.), Performs and promotes restorative care as directed for individual patients/residents and regularly ambulates assigned patients/residents; demonstrates proper technique. 

Assists licensed staff to perform treatments and procedures, demonstrating ability to follow their directions for specific duties.  Contributes available information to individual care plans and follows plan for appropriate patient/resident care and treatment. 

Observes, records, documents and reports on appropriate flow charts in an accurate, timely manner and signs documentation.  Reports any variation from normal to duty licensed staff.

  • Records all vital signs, intake/output and other applicable measurements according to established conventions and procedures.
  • Reports treatment results, observations, patient/resident complaints or other pertinent information.
  • Assist with labeling and storage of patient/resident clothing and personal property.
 Prepares patients/residents for meals and encourages the patients/residents to participate in social activities and assists them to and from activities daily.  Demonstrates sensitivity to the special needs of the confined patient/resident, including emotional and cultural needs.
  • Assists in feeding and position patients/residents to avoid choking and to ensure ease in eating.
  • Properly hydrates patients/residents with the adequate fluids and other nourishment’s according to patients/residents needs.
 Performs general care activities for patients/residents in Isolation according to Infection Control policies when handling clean/soiled linens, infectious waste, etc.  Uses prescribed hand washing and aseptic techniques. 

Attends to individual needs of assigned patients/residents by promptly answering call lights, alarms and ensures that call light is within patient/resident reach and available for use.  Anticipates patient/resident needs and checks on assigned rooms in a consistent manner and follows up on patient/resident requests.

Job Requirements

Minimum Education:
Must be CNA Certified
High school graduate or equivalent required.

Minimum Experience/Skills:
Able to perform basic mathematical calculations
Demonstrated ability to understand and follow written and verbal instructions
Speaks, reads, and writes English fluently and is able to record information accurately in English

State of California Nursing Assistant Certification
Current American Heart Association BLS certification

Physical Demands:
Prolonged, extensive or considerable standing/walking
Lifts, positions, pushes up to 50 pounds
Considerable reaching, stooping, bending, kneeling, crouching
Manual dexterity and mobility
Ability to move quickly
Frequent reach, twist, push and pull

Heavy lifting (50 lbs. and over) 50% of the time
Moderate lifting (25-49 lbs.) 25% of the time
Light lifting (under 25 lbs.) 25% of the time
Must be able to move heavy patients up to 350 lbs. at times in bed and transfer from bed to gurney or wheelchair

Heavy carrying (50 lbs. and over) 25% of the time
Moderate carrying (25-49 lbs.) 35% of the time
Light carrying (under 25 lbs.) 45% of the time
Must assist with ambulation orthostatic vital signs

Vision Requirements:
Ability to adjust vision sufficiently to perform duties

Working Conditions:
Regularly exposed to the risk of contagious and blood borne diseases
Exposure to unpleasant elements (accidents, injuries, illness)
Subject to irregular hours
Increased stress due to multiple calls and inquiries
Able to work in spite of frequent interruptions
High exposure to communicable diseases and blood borne pathogens, rare exposure to toxic substances such as
radiation, nuclear isotopes, chemotherapeutic agent